Jewelry Care

Our Sterling Silver is 92.5% PURE Silver with 7.5% copper to give it strength, since 100% pure silver is too soft and marks easily. This composition for Sterling Silver is the fine jewelry standard.

Our gold-plated pieces have a thick layer of 24K gold plating over the base of sterling silver, ensuring our jewels have the highest quality. 

All plated or not sterling silver charms are stamped with the 925 symbol.

Sterling silver oxidises when exposed to air, humidity, sweat or chemicals. Because of this, all gold-plated and sterling silver jewellery are prone to tarnishing overtime.So If your silver jewelry is tarnished, you can gently clean it with a jewelry polishing cloth. 

Generally we would recommend avoiding showering or exercising with your jewels. Beauty products, including perfumes, creams, hairsprays etc can cause your pieces to tarnish and discolour. We recommend always store them in their own beautiful packaging so you can keep them safe in this.😊

 Teal Heart Team